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img 28 Feb 2020

How to start property dealing?

Now days property is the perfect place to invest your saving to grow more than inflation rate increases. But providing best property to the client is a nightmare for property consultant.

       Finding perfect property as per client need is the most important role to play as a being property consultant. There are some point to be consider when you choose property for your client.

Buyer Requirement:-

The list of buyer Requirement shows the comfortability to buying your selected property. The main thing to be in the mind is location, space, look & feel of seller property. If all requirements matches then your client never try to avoid your suggested property to buy.


Seller Requirement:-

Seller Requirement changes as per time & location. Seller always try to get maximum returns on their investment. Seller also change their price as per their demand & requirement of money as a property consultant you need to be clear about charges of your services & costing after sales.

      Also take a small survey about seller’s property & loan if available.


Legal Formality:-

Transferring the ownership of purchased property is very important as per buyer consent & he/she want to be very clear about property documentation transfer process, also he/she want to make clarity regarding payment process. Being property consultant be a very clear about legal formality of property dealing.


Process Time:-

Dealing in property is a time consuming process for buyer & seller. Therefore, make a legal document to specify processing time for this deal. Mention all required terms & conditions of the process in legal document & save one copy with you for futher use.


Consultation Fees:-

Defining consultation fees at the starting of the deal is making very calculatable thing for buyer & seller to pay that fees at the end or in between of the process of buying & selling property.

     Always take precaution about fees to be paid by buyer & seller at the end of the process. Make a small contract to fulfill your consultation process in this service.